It is with great pleasure that the National Pinochle Association (NPA) Inc. is able to provide to qualified students, scholarship awards.  National Pinochle Association Inc. is an organization that not only promotes the game of pinochle but creates an opportunity for young people who are considering entrance to college, a chance to vie for a scholarship award.  The scholarship award is being offered to first year college bound students.  To be considered for this award, applicants must submit to the scholarship committee an application package.  It is imperative that you, the applicant, carefully read the requirements and adhere to the guidelines presented by the committee in the completion of the application package.  NPA and its scholarship committee look forward to reviewing all applications so that you, the applicant, may possibly be selected to receive this wonderful award.


1) The scholarship is being offered to first year college bound students who are children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of members of NPA.

2) Applicants must submit to the Committee an application package.

3) If applicant is accepted for the award, she/he must submit to the Chair a letter of acceptance from the admission office of the institution.

4) All application materials must be postmarked by and mailed to the Chair by July 1.


1) Announcement made at every Board meeting as well as notices sent out to every Chapter annually by the corresponding secretary.  A notice will also be placed in the newsletter.

2) Application package includes a one page biographical statement; the latest copy of GPA scores and SAT/ACT scores – whichever is more impressive.  Entrance exam scores, where essential, will also be accepted.  Letter of acceptance from the university/college admission office, two letters of recommendation – one coming from a NPA member, not a parent or grandparent and the other from a teacher, preacher, Sunday School teacher or a neighbor or friend of the family who knows the applicant, and each applicant shall submit the original and two copies of the package to the Chair of this committee.

3) The evaluators shall be members of the Scholarship Committee who will receive only the application package from an applicant not from his/her region and will be expected to respect confidentially and will refrain from discussing the application with anyone.  This is necessary to minimize the tendency to show favor or be influenced by a vested interested person.

4) The scoring shall be on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest and will be tabulated for an average score.  If there is a tie, the Chair will evaluate the package and issue a final decision.

5) The winner and the president of the referring club shall be immediately be notified by phone and or email and the announcement made at the National.

6) The secretary of the NPA shall send a check to the recipient two weeks after the beginning of the school year.  That is because if it is given sooner, it would become a part of the financial aid package offered by the institution and the money we will give would be subtracted from what aid the student would be given anyway.  Our money is basically for things like textbooks and personal computer.

Click here for the NPA scholarship application form